Garifuna Queens Organization

Garifuna Queens is an non-profit organization that empowers, educate, unite, mentor and assist Garifuna Women of all ages and backgrounds.  Based in the Bronx, New York. We do this by empowering women to realize their full potential which ultimately can assist with breaking the cycle of poverty, create prosperity, and create other transformative outcomes by providing information, tangible resources and services to women and girls. To offer supportive programming through workshops and seminars and by maintaining a multi-purpose networking facility from which to serve women and girls. Our belief is by supporting women and girls, we can turn abysmal indicators around and begin to solve many of the world’s most critical problems that affect Garifuna women and their children.

Our Vision:
Our motto is “If you knew better, you will do better.”  To model a positive environment where women can make their own life choices for themselves and their children that is safe, respectful and healthy. Our focus is to create a unified, diverse, inclusive community where all people are free to live a peaceful, productive, violent free life.
Our Strategy:
To provide services to Garifuna women from all over the world whose lives have been affected by the unknown environment they live in. We aim to become a clearinghouse of services, information and referrals to nurture the full inclusion, at all levels.


Our Values:







Perseverance of Culture

We chose women because life begins through us. We have a moral responsibility to become independent, self-sufficient women to help break the cycle of broken homes and dysfunctional families, to building strong, secure family structures for generations to come.


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